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About Us

Many of us are disconnected in our relationships with God, ourselves, and others.That’s where Trueface comes in. We provide content, relational experiences, and leader development to help people and teams live in authenticity and freedom.We want people to truly experience the peace of living beyond the mask!

We believe that when we increase trust in our relationships, we can be more authentically known and loved by God and others. In light of that, we hope to be abridge for people to walk in the joy of the original good news by trusting God and others with their whole selves.

Bottom line: Our prayer is to see a world transformed by followers of Jesus experiencing the freedom of living authentically.

The problem: Too many Christians carry an old, dead outlook of God and self. They try to measure up to a standard that they create. They read words through their grid of shame and feel like they are falling behind. They try harder, but something seems to be missing.

The solution: Trusting God with who he says we are unlocks the grace that allows us to live in the peace and freedom of the original good news! This changes everything.This message weaves throughout our books, studies, group experiences, and free resources, just to name a few.

The Trueface Journey: Jesus established a master plan of evangelism through relational discipleship. Most churches, however, struggle to grasp this original plan.They want to fulfill the great commission and make disciples, but they don't know how.After synthesizing best practices from hundreds and thousands of participants around the country, Trueface developed a journey to equip people to intentionally pour their cup into 6-8 people at a time. This proven framework is customizable and being implemented by churches, organizations, and individuals across the country.